We’ve received many questions about our Complete Fuel Tanks and their safety, so we decided to specify their characteristics. 

Our Complete Fuel Tanks will replace your OEM Fuel Tanks Perfectly. Installation is easy, same as original part. Inside of every Fuel Tank is coated with a special two component Gas Tank Sealer Ointment (see pictures) which seals inside perfectly and protects it from corrosion, induced by Ethanol. So there is no worry of leakage whatsoever. 

Outside has top quality carbon look and is the same as all our parts. We however, don’t recommend and therefore don’t even produce Matte finish omplete Fuel Tanks. The Matte coating is not as persistent and some spilled gasoline would probably damage it. 

So if tempted to order any of our Complete Carbon Fibre Fuel Tanks – don’t hesitate and order now!

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