Swing arm cover + frame cover

These parts are quite unique. They protect bike’s swing arm and frame. They are made from high quality epoxy resin and multilayer plain carbon fiber. On exposed spots they are strengthened with additional layer of carbon/kevlar, so they assure you perfect protection for your bike in case of falling. A must for every racing bike.


Engine covers

Yet another product that you need on your bike. Made from various layers of carbon fiber and carbon/kevlar, it is optimal guard for your bike. Suitable for race track or protection on the street.


Front fender + rear fender + tank panels + tank cover

If you want your bike to be something special, these parts are just the thing you need!

They are all replacements for OEM parts, but lighter and stronger version. A lot of original parts are made of black, dull plastic, so why not change those with nice carbon ones?

Do you wish your bike would look/be something special? These parts are the thing that you need! They are all replacement for OEM parts. A lighter and a stronger version. A lot of original parts are from black, dull plastic. Why not to change it with nice carbon one?

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